about BIMCO

Pierwsze chwile dziecka są najważniejsze!
BIMCO as a part of your family
BIMCO is designed for all kids. From the beginning it’s helping for New Born, then is teaching the most important competensies and finally is becoming the best friend and companion in overcoming obstacles.
BIMCO is polish product created by moms and kids for KIDS and their PARENTS. It is made of atested materials and the highest quality practical gadgets which are helping in development of your kid.
Our small genius
Our the smartest
Grow is the most important
Grow is the most important
As a gift to BIMCO you will get set of amazing cards which are created specially for you and youe kid. It will helps you catch the best moments. You can by yourself use BIMCO and cards to make unique photo sessions and observe how your kid is growing and changing.
BIMCO is also perfect idea for a gift for kids in every age. Thanks to his multifunctionality he is supporting sensory and motor development. Gifted child will use BIMCO for many, many years.
Gift BIMCO = always smile
Gift bringing smile