BIMCO for the little ones (0-6 months)


First moments are the most important
BIMCO will allow your baby to lay down comfortable and safe, no matter base. BIMCO’s belly is very cosy mate. His head also can be used as a pillow for resting nearby parent. BIMCO is perfect multifunctional friend from early stage.
Thanks to thick layer of material and filler BIMCO can lay down straight on the floor, grass or different type of base. It makes us sure that our baby is secure, just a few centimeters above the ground.
World in my eyes
Love and closeness
BIMCO also will simplify feeding process. Special press-stud located on hands will let fasten BIMCO around body which allow to lay down baby in a comfortable and safe position.
When buying BIMCO you will get 14 amazing cards (ex. I am 1 month old, My first Christmas etc.) that will allow you to observe how quickly your kid is growing and developing. Modern and stylish design will be an attractive background for a photo as well as an interesting element of kid interior.
Pleasure of rest