BIMCO for crawling and walking kids (6-36 months)


Jakiś podpis danego zdjęcia
Me and my big Friend
BIMCO is very functional as a mat for the floor or grass. It is also great obstacle course for small explorers. There are many sensorial elements which are stimulating all senses and welcome kid to discover new exciting details. Structure of materials which are changing, nice colours, sounds effect and many others helping them in development.
BIMCO will help you kid as well to learn how to tie shoelaces, zip up and unzip pockets and fast Velcro.
Jakiś podpis danego zdjęcia
Grow and joy
Jakiś podpis danego zdjęcia
Together is always better
Little kids have as well strong closeness needs. That is why they will feel comfortable and relaxed in BIMCO’s arms. They will find solance when getting a bit tired and happines coming from a great fun.